Rescue 140: Giving Hens a Second Chance at Life

Late May 2012, the CETFA Rescue Crew organized and rescued 140 battery-caged hens who were destined for slaughter.

CETFA Rescue Crew delivering hens to their new home
Photo: Olivier Berreville

The hens had spent over a year crammed into battery cages – barren wire cages so small they couldn’t even spread their wings.

The hens were given a second chance at life and are now able to stretch their wings and legs, have dustbaths, preen and feel the sun on their backs and the grass beneath their feet.  You can watch the heart-warming, happy footage of the rescue below or by clicking here (it’s pure bliss!), and view the photos here.

A huge thank you to the members of the CETFA Rescue Crew who made it happen: Danae, Deanna, Henk, Jennifer, Meaghan, Olivier, RJ, Sarah, Shannon and Tommy, with a special thank you to Anne for her unending efforts on behalf of Canada’s hens.

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