Chicken killed at Calgary school: teacher reinstated

Following the slow beheading of a live chicken by a Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) student last month, ACAD fired a school instructor who allegedly allowed the cruel act to be performed as part of a school assignment. Yet, on May 15, ACAD reinstated the instructor amid protests from some art students.


Edmonton Journal: ACAD reinstates teacher fired after chicken slaughter

Contact the Alberta College of Art and Design to express your disapproval that ACAD reinstated the teacher who approved of the student’s brutal slaughter of a chicken as “art”.
Also, urge the school to  discipline the student who committed this act of cruelty, and adopt a formal policy prohibiting animal cruelty. Also request that the school take steps to counteract the unacceptable message of cruelty and violence promoted by this student’s actions and invite CETFA`s humane educator to give a presentation to students, faculty and staff.
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