Lilydale charged for violations of the Health of Animals Act and Meat Inspection Act

Poultry slaughterhouse Lilydale has just been charged by the CFIA under the Health of Animals Act and Meat Inspection Act. The charges stem from exposing chickens to freezing temperatures, pain and avoidable distress while transporting them  from Chilliwack to its slaughterhouse in Port Coquitlam on January 18, 2012. Lilydale is scheduled to return to court on March 5 to face the charges of causing undue pain and suffering.

While CETFA is pleased that CFIA has taken action in this case, the transportation of poultry in extreme weather occurs on a regular basis. CETFA inspectors have documented many cases of un-tarped poultry trucks transporting animals in extreme cold situations, including in one  instance in temperatures of -50 degrees C with windchill (Read our report “Broken Wings: The Breakdown of Animal Protection in the Transport and Slaughter of Meat Poultry in Canada“), during which CFIA failed to act.

While the charges laid by CFIA are a step in the right direction, birds – and other farmed animals – will continue to suffer until the CFIA sets and enforces restrictions on transport in extreme temperatures.

Source: Lilydale charged with causing chickens distress, Vancouver Sun, February 13, 2013.

Un-tarped poultry transport trucks at a Canadian slaughterhouse. Photo: CETFA.