Increased pressure on veal producers to move away from cruel veal crates

Last week, the Ontario Veal Association announced that it is now recommending that its members phase out veal crates. Veal crates confine calves raised for veal for their entire short lives and restrict movement to such an extent that they unable to even turn around.

This policy change, which may help eliminate the cruel confinement of calves on veal farms, was driven by graphic undercover video footage taken earlier this year by the group Mercy For Animals Canada. The footage shows young dairy calves confined in narrow, filthy veal crates, unable to express even their most basic behaviour, deprived of social contacts, and horribly abused by farm workers and technicians.

If producers act on the Ontario Veal Association’s new policy, veal crates could be phased-out by 2018 in the province of Ontario.

Crated calf. Photo credit: Mercy For Animals Canada.

Crated calf. Photo credit: Mercy For Animals Canada.