Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Farmed Animals (CETFA; previously “Canadians for Ethical Treatment of Food Animals”) is a registered non-profit society. CETFA’s purpose is to promote the humane treatment of animals raised for food. We exist to work towards the compassionate treatment of animals raised for food.

Tina Harrison founded our group in 1990 when she met with four others to discuss the massive abuse of animals under intensive factory farming conditions. These original directors visited barns and slaughterhouses and witnessed animal transport situations. They were deeply disturbed by what they saw.

Educating the public became very important. Few people seemed aware of the cruelty inflicted on conscious animals, with their capacity to feel and fear, before they arrive as food on our dinner plates.

Today, as then, we strive to inform people about the appalling suffering which is hidden from view in the production of cheap food.

We have members and volunteers across Canada; people who recognize the cruelties farm animals face and want to do something about it – consumers, animal advocates, farm workers and producers who see first hand the untold suffering that results from factory farming.

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